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Client Guide

Take it from the experts, stuff happens. Over the years, we’ve seen what obstacles can prevent a promotion from being successful and what strategies can prevail. That’s why at Artcraft, we apply our “What If?” risk management philosophy to every marketing challenge we undertake. We’ve learned through our network, strategy, and experience what NOT to dare. Here are a few words to live by when it comes to launching a promotion.

  1. All Monitors Are Not Created Equal.
    Don’t try to color match an item on our site (or any website). Every computer monitor shows colors differently. We are happy to provide a sample to ensure the available color is acceptable.
  2. That Color Is To Dye For—Literally.
    Keep in mind that different orders for the same item may come from different dye lots. The tee shirt you are reordering from last year may have slight color variation. To ensure that you know exactly what you are ordering, we can provide a sample for color comparison before the order is finalized.
  3. The Only Constant Is Change
    Manufacturers sometimes change features of their products over time. For example, an umbrella ordered two years ago might have a different handle today. Ask for a sample first to ensure the model that is now available is acceptable.
  4. (Less) Time Is (More) Money.
    Save your budget! The more time you allow, the better. Ground shipping can cost 80% less than expedited shipping. Ordering early means spending less on shipping and more on promotion.

Contact us for more tips that will save you time, money, and unnecessary worry.

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